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What do we generation think

 Those who advocate the 3D Internet, believe its emergence will be faster than the evolution of the regular Internet.

 3D Internet and its services
When it comes to the range of services that might benefit from 3D graphics, a wide array of possibilities opens up: Virtual meetings, online casino and gambling, education, simulations and pedagogical chat training, support groups within healthcare, and even shopping of clothes, furniture and cars. Imagine being able to configure your car upholstery and other extras before you buy the car. Or imagine shopping clothes in a virtual world and using your Avatar to see how well clothes will fit.



“- Something that no 3D Internet evangelist has mentioned, is the sex industry. This will be a huge push for the 3D Internet in the same way as it once was for the birth of the Internet itself.” Says Bonny Trolle, Business Developer on Interactive Solutions.
“- But to think that we’ll replace the 3D Internet with today’s traditional two-dimensional Internet is utopia!”, claims Bonny Trolle“- We’ll still be surfing the regular web, in much the same way that we still read regular newspapers today.”

According to Gartner 3D Internet along with online virtual worlds will become mainstream in five to ten years.