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 Alternatives to iGoogle : Possible sites

The closing and countdown of  iGoogle, Google’s start page, is approaching. Possibly to completely replace the iGoogle, we would require that the alternatives out there are at a match with present iGoogle. However there exist such sites which can serve as an alternatives.

Why are we looking for  alternatives? as  we all know that there is a start page of a website that enables you to have various links to the websites, news feeds, and widgets in one place etc.

The start pages have links to sticky notes, access to all your social media such as Facebook, news, popular email services, weather, videos, calendars, To Do lists, maps,  of all you can think of. Page that  lets you easily  keep up with a large volume of information in one place of your interests, RSS feeds,  search boxes, and drag and drop as a way to easily arrange material on your pages. Enumerations cannot stop, to close this short, a start page organized well works well, and depends on  how much effort is  in its customization and how much content can be offered.

The Major sites as alternatives  are :-

  • My MSN
  • My Yahoo 
  • The specialties of this site are as under:-
    • Social media integration
    • Add RSS
    • Import Feeds
    • Export Feeds
    • Add content directly from browser
    •  Private, with ability to share content with others
    •  Free registration to save personalized setting

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