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Datawind company ‘s offers tablets inclusive of Internet at Rs 3,999

Innovation and Inspirations wait for none and can be in any form. Companies bring this innovation in their technology and related design features . DataWind, the company which has given the Aakash tablets, has been bringing the innovation in the cost and yet meeting the requirements of a common man.

Datawind launches tablets with Internet at Rs 3,999DataWind on Wednesday announced the UbiSlate 7Cx, which will be the cheapest tablet in the Indian market with cellular connectivity at Rs 3,999. This price point is Rs 1,000 cheaper than the company’s UbiSlate 7C+ which was till now holding this spot.

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CEO Suneet Singh Tuli  like  Entrepreneurship and Innovations quality is being sought in our political system also by a common man thereby desiring that one will bring affordability in the commercial market for the various products needed by them.