Children learn by exploring their environment. But their exploring should happen in safe places under guidance and in ways that help them learn from Parents and Teachers. As you see your child begin to discover his/her world, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Exploring is normal and important for children, it may be interaction, TV, Internet or any surrounding .
  • Exploring is one of the first steps in learning about objects and in learning how to solve problems, but for Teacher is a challenge to understand their toddler’s weak and strong points.
  • Children are fascinated about how things work, what they look like from the inside, and how they are made, one has to have patience to make and cement their ideas.
  • Skills like interaction, standing to their small responsibilities while they are attending their preps, playing with mates each moment they test their environment.
  • Handling Toddlers is a Task for Teachers and Parenthood.

Pl listen to an Excerpts from teachers of Icon International  DWARKA DELHI  : Courtesy Radio Dwarka