Right here, this is my favourite thing on this website. Probably because I invested so much in it. So many hours, so much learning. So many missteps made right. I toiled over this website for all to blog, shop and learn specifics and yet remain focus in their e_world.


 I_aboutnterestingly I have spent 20 + years  in Information Technology, Info Security / Assurance, communication networks and writing non e_papers on  various  technological and administrative issues . Currently heading SAP operations and recently steered the world largest Health Org and Charted  the  ITES roadmap for itisation  programme pan India. Involved in recent past, planning for business continuity and designing and implementation of multiple DR sites and DR plans. Instituted an abstract fo enterprise IT infrastructure management spread across geographies, capacity planning of IT assets, audit of networks and optimizing performance

Following tags follows with me and its the modesty of the people around me who identify me to qualify their  Statements in my support

  • Proficiency in management, mentor and advise juniors, assign and evaluate work, review performance, promote. Multiple people management across functional areas.
  • Specialities
    •   IT Consulting. Governance. Strategy.
    •   Information security consulting and assurance. Security Operations Management.
    •   Technical Management. IT infrastructure architecture.
    •   Business continuity management. Implementing Information Security Management Systems. Information Security Audits.
    •   Vulnerability and Threat assessment.  Certifying Authority, Transaction Security. DRM (Applications and Content). Physical and Environmental Controls Review. Security Awareness. Enterprise Pre Sales.
    • System Integration expertise and solutions across Information & Communication Technology (ICT) systems.

Planning, handling, controlling large budgets and Capital and operating expenses (capex & opex).



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Too good hai , sir ji, really impressed


  2. Amazing….good job done


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